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Made up from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, the RP will be mixed with all Square Enix games.
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 Yuna the Summoner and Gunner (A)

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PostSubject: Yuna the Summoner and Gunner (A)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 6:31 am

Name:[b] Yuna


Race: Human (half-Spiran, half-Al Bhed)

Classes (Limit 2): Summoner and gunner

Gender: Female

Bio: Yuna is a reserved, intelligent and serious 17-year old girl whose formal attire contrasts sharply with Tidus' more outgoing appearance. Yuna is a summoner of Yevon and has the ability to summon powerful creatures known as "aeons." She is mild in demeanor and soft-spoken, but harbors no doubt in herself or in her mission to destroy Sin, and usually manages to conceal any feelings of sadness from others. She is also half-Al Bhed on her mother's side, and consequently has heterochromatic irises: one blue and one green. Yuna displays some changes in personality in Final Fantasy X-2: while still very kind-hearted and serious about her duties and putting others first, Yuna is more open and direct. However, her friends still occasionally tease her about her habit of being a pushover, for she can never turn her back on anyone's request for some form of aid, such acts of charity as these comprising the majority of the game's side-quests and missions. Her relationships from Final Fantasy X have given her a new look at life and – freed from the responsibilities and restrictions of her former role as summoner – she is presented as a much more free-spirited person.

Equipment/weapon: Staves and pistols

Appearance: Look at Avvy
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PostSubject: Re: Yuna the Summoner and Gunner (A)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:14 am

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Yuna the Summoner and Gunner (A)
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