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Made up from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, the RP will be mixed with all Square Enix games.
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 The Rules. Got it memorized?

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PostSubject: The Rules. Got it memorized?   Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:34 pm

Yeah the rules, read em, understand em, and remember them!

1) NO Spamming!
This is a big rule, and it covers:
- Posting 1 word/sentence replies
- Posting meaningless replies/ topics (you're wasting your time typing such nonsense.)
- Repeated double posting (you can edit and delete your own posts!)
- Posting topics in the wrong board
- Consistent bad spelling/grammar that could have been easily avoided. (ie: No full stops in a post and letters are all in lower-case.)

As said before, you must be responsible in ALL you post here in the site, as you please, my friends.

2) No Discrimination
This rule covers:
- Racism
- Sexism
- Religious hatred
- Personal flaming
These are all looked on as being very serious. Everyone here are equal, my friends, equal. So PLEASE do not use them online or else, you know what will happen to you, fellas!. And I really hate fighting between two races or two genders, it makes the site really bad.

3) Cursing/Violence Levels
You can curse but please keep it around PG-13, I don't want people to come here just to swear their head off and makes this site looks stupid.

4) Everyone can make up to 3 characters but must get the requirement post.

- 0 post for 1 character
- 400 post for 2 character
- 1500 post for 3 character
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The Rules. Got it memorized?
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