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Made up from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, the RP will be mixed with all Square Enix games.
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 Character Classes

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PostSubject: Character Classes   Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:58 pm

Character Classes

Assassin: People who have obsession over money and power, but not all of them are like this. They are very skillful at stealthy attack and dodging, planning everything, consuming themselves like a shadow and before you know it then enemy is dead. They are always found to be dressing like a ninja or wearing black, they mostly cover their face. Their weapon of choice is usually a pair of daggers and throwing weapons such as senbon, kunai and shuriken.

Musician: People who is very skilled at playing music, not very strong but there is some really skilled musician. They usually travel with a group of people seeing as they need others to make their combo stronger. Their weapon of choice is a lot, as they are musician but mostly they use guitar and another favorite choice would be singer.

Reaper: The master of darkness and death, although they are very powerful but their power comes with a high price. Most of reapers just try to avoid a fight since they know they can easily take down their enemy but it is because of their high price, each time they use their attack their body suffer a heavy damage, to suffer this damage the have to use their power, it is also good at fighting multiple people. They choice of weapon is usually scythe, it is heavy but once hit the damage is very high, meaning reaper is a very good class but very slow and comes with a high price.

Summoner: A trained magic user who specialized in summoning monsters, they are very powerful at times but when it comes to close range they are very weak. Starter summoners favorite monster to summon is usually birds, baby dragons, baby ogres and others, when they are at high level they can summon very powerful monster such as a full adult dragon.

Gunner: Master with in firearms they have amazing sharp eyes able to shoot from far away. They are both good in close range and far range because they are good with their legs also. Most of them uses double gun to give them a higher speed to kill the enemy easier. Thought some prefers other kind of firearms.

Witch: A female witch they specialized in spells usually element spells. Some of them can be really strong and learn spells that are strong such as a high level element, curse spells and others. They are usually evil though they are some good ones.

Wizard: Same as witches specialized in spells usually element also wizard is for male only. They are usually stronger than witches, learning a better spell than them.

Beserker: Also known as barbarians, they are crazy for strength also a high specialist in close combat. Usually uses weapon such as warhammer, axe, maces and maul, they like to bash their opponent to death with their strength.

Swordsman: People who is very skilled in using bladed weapons, such as swords. They are agile has a decent speed and strength, one of the most perfect balanced class. Theres a couple people who likes to use double swords making them a twin swordsman, they rely more on speed than strength.

Keyblader: A keyblade chooses a person and he becomes a keyblade wielder. They must use this to kill the heartless making them releasing the hearts of the one they take. It is known that different keyblades hold special powers. Only some people may own the keyblade classes. (They will be chosen by the Admin)

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Character Classes
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